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Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves. My name is Richard, and my partner is Mia. We're a couple of creative individuals who look at life from an entiely different perspective. Doing so gives us the ability to visualize something in different ways than we normally would. When it comes to our craft.. we strive to bring you something you'll be inspired by, not simply satisfied with. It seems portraits can sometimes cause a somewhat rigid atmosphere simply because no one is having any fun! Portraits shouldn't be boring, or stale... instead  they should be alive with energy, and a sense of who you truly are. They should radiate your very essence, or they have not succeeded in capturing the moment as it were. Life itself is but mere moments in time, so why not create something magnificant you can always be in awe to look upon. 
This is what we create for you so you have something absolutely magical to display. A unique image that depicts a surreal plane of existence where all things are possible. Transcend traditional portraits by letting us create an image of epic proportions! Why not stand guard over an ancient city, or swoop in winged as you battle a creature of massive size. Defiantly stare down a planet.. as it crashes into your world. Perhaps travel on the back of a winged creature only you saw in your dreams as a child. We can achieve anything the mind can imagine.. so indulge your inner child! 
Perhaps you would marvel at sitting next to a beautiful Unicorn nuzzling for attention, or your child would be in awe of an image standing toe to toe with T-rex.. or some other creature (s)he is inspired by. Maybe you, or your spouse has had a surreal image in mind but didn't know how to go about achieving it, or how to begin creating it. You may have wanted a family portrait of a different form altogether where children fly through a room, or become more than just who they are by growing wings, or other mutation. We can create a masterpiece that your friends will marvel at, and your family will be in awe of. Transcend the normal boring portraiture that has existed for decades. Time to use creativity, and  technology to bring our creative visions to life!!
We can also create any form of logo, web, or television ad, whether it involves an image, HD video, or any other form of media. We can help you create a Documentary, or a web series for publication. We have a writer in house who is more than qualified to create any form of written information. We can help you bring your project to life just as enthusiastically as we create these surreal images. 



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